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Shadow and flame 3.1 - the sound editor for the blind. Improved and simplified


Download. Shadow And fLame 3.1 - Accessible for the blind. Demo.

Operating systems: Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP - 32/64

Version 3.1 published/updated in Oct 2018


The program is designed for sound and music files edition. It allows making audio-books, sound effects, making and changing sound and music tracks.

It has been designed for blind user, who can use it on their own. (by themselves alone)

Program is controlled by the keyboard and all important things are spoken by installed SAPI voices.

It is possible to edit up to three sound tracks laid vertically from left to right side.

Selecting the internal voice "Mario" sound editor also indicates on which sound track are carried out the tasks speaking accordingly from left, center or right channel. Voice “Mario” also changes the pitch of the spoken commands.

Sound editor has a user friendly interface speaking what is necessary, omitting unimportant things. It's also possible to switch keyboard interface from upwards to downwards.

Work with "Shadow and fLame" using typical keyboard shortcuts also it changes the whole background color what is useful for visually impaired.

Sound editor uses SHIFT for selecting it's advisable to disable the SHIFT Sticky keys.

“Shadow and fLame” opens most common sound formats:

WAV (PCM and compressed), MP3, WMA, AIF, IT, MID, MOD, OGG, S3M, XM, FLAC

and saves in few most popular: WAV, MP3, WMA * only 44100 samples per second

Program always works in 16 bits stereo on high quality sound tracks, so that the problems occurring on sound tracks in different bits or channels have been removed.

(files in other sound formats can be opened)

Especially useful program's feature is pre-hear all sound effects before applying them.

Program has a complex sound recorder allowing selecting sound source, device and setting the volume level.

It is possible to edit long music tracks even up to 1 hour.

The maximum length of all sound track depends on the amount of memory.

The Demo version allows to save up to 10-second length sound tracks.

Shadow and flame also uses accessible for blind installer.

Changes since last version:

- Improved speech voice

- Improved interface and more sound effects

- Increased security:

- admin rights are required only during the installation.

- all executable files are signed.

-Opening new sound formats

-Opening CD sound tracks


-Advanced recorder

-"PreHear" sound effects (SPACE)

-Language wersions: English, Polish, German.

-Remove the 30-day time limit.

About activation:

The activation code depends on your operating system serial number (SN Code) or the ethernet card MAC address (MAC Code).

In order to activate the program request for activation code providing first your individual SN Code or MAC Code.

Use left and right cursor arrow to switch the activation method. Providing MAC Code is recommended if you have more than one operating system or if you plan to upgrade your operating system your purchased program will still work.

Program Info:

Name: Shadow and fLame

License: Demo

Developer/Publisher: Mariusz Suder

Year: 10.2018

Type: Sound editor

Computers: PC

Operating systems: Windows 10 32/64, Windows 8.1 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows XP 32/64

Language wersions: English, Polish, German.


Installed SAPI voices

Using Lame (v3.98.2) to encoding


Visit LAME site

Language version:

Deutsche Sprache
Język polski
Українська мова