All programs for visually impaired use speaking installers

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Learn language with SpeakingTeacher C4

Speaking Teacher c4. Language teaching program. Short animation and link.

Brush up on both writing and listening skills!

This compilation is for English speaking learners who would like to study: Polish, German (also French, Russian or Spanish).

It is useful distinguishing between masculine, neuter and feminine nouns and adjectives.

Speaking Teacher has its own text editor that allows to write new test files - own files containing new words, phrases and collocations, things you would like to learn in all languages!

Program has support for writing in Arabic or Hebrew.

There are also compilations of Speaking Teacher for polish, german and russian students.

Operating systems Windows: 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP - 32/64

Version 4 published in Sep 2020

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PSPLC 1.2 - the PLC Process Simulator (automation)

PSPLC process simulator for Siemens (automation). Short animation and link.

This universal process simulator is used for building various technological models.

"PSPLC" - is designed to work with PLCSIM v 5.x the part of Step7 and TIA Portal the Siemens™ PLC programing environment.

There are plenty of typical devices and parts of industrial installations to choose which can be easily put or laid on the screen by simply selecting or dragging them. (...)

PSPLC is the reliable process simulator. Useful for testing the PLC programs while they are executed or for learning programing the PLC controlers.

Due to the intuitive user interface building models is quick and setting the devices easy.

Colourful graphics, animations and high quality simultaneous sound.

There are two units systems to choose: Metric and British Imperial.

Language versions: English, Polski, Deutsch, Русский.

Operating systems:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP - 32/64

Version 1.2 published in Oct 2018

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Shadow and fLame - Sound Editor for blind version 3.1

Shadow and flame the sound editor for blind. Short animation and link.

The program is for sound and music files edition.

It has been designed for blind user, who can use it on their own. Program is controlled by the keyboard and all important things are spoken by installed SAPI voices.

Sound editor indicates on which sound track are carried out the tasks by speaking from left, right or both channels.

Shadow and fLame has a user friendly interface speaking what is necessary, omitting unimportant things.

Version 3 has been simplified. Program always works in 2 channels and 16 bits (high quality - other sound formats can be opened)

There is no need to worry about the different sound formats during the edition of the sounds (...)

Language versions: English, Polski, Deutsch, Русский.

Operating systems:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP - 32/64

Version 3.1 published in Oct 2018

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