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Speaking Teacher (Speacher) AB3 - the list of English German tests.

There are many more items in each file but here are listed the first 10 as the example.

Write the German verbs in the correct forms.

Directory / file

deutsch / verbs_g1.ntn (58 items)

1 Question: to do
1 Answer: machen

2 Question: I do
2 Answer: ich mache

3 Question: you do informal
3 Answer: du machst

4 Question: he does
4 Answer: er macht

5 Question: What are you doing here?
5 Answer: was machen Sie hier?

6 Question: we learn
6 Answer: wir lernen

7 Question: you learn
7 Answer: ihr lernt

8 Question: I wait
8 Answer: ich warte

9 Question: she waits
9 Answer: sie wartet

10 Question: they wait
10 Answer: sie warten

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Directory / file

deutsch / verbs_ge2.ntn (48 items)

1 Question: I can
1 Answer: ich kann

2 Question: she can
2 Answer: sie kann

3 Question: we can
3 Answer: wir können

4 Question: they can
4 Answer: sie können

5 Question: can you help me?
5 Answer: Kannst du mir helfen?

6 Question: I can’t come tomorrow
6 Answer: Ich kann morgen nicht kommen

7 Question: I speak
7 Answer: ich spreche

8 Question: you had informal
8 Answer: du hattest

9 Question: he would like
9 Answer: er möchte

10 Question: He would like to buy a new car
10 Answer: Er möchte ein neues Auto kaufen

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Directory / file

deutsch / verbs_ge3.ntn (42 items)

1 Question: I must
1 Answer: ich muss

2 Question: we must
2 Answer: wir müssen

3 Question: I must go now
3 Answer: Ich muss jetzt gehen

4 Question: he is allowed to
4 Answer: er darf

5 Question: you are allowed to
5 Answer: ihr dürft

6 Question: May I ask you something?
6 Answer: Darf ich Sie etwas fragen?

7 Question: you want to informal
7 Answer: du willst

8 Question: she wants to
8 Answer: sie will

9 Question: He wants breakfast
9 Answer: Er will frühstücken

10 Question: I don't want it
10 Answer: Ich will es nicht

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Directory / file

deutsch / verbs_ge4.ntn (41 items)

1 Question: I will
1 Answer: ich werde

2 Question: she will
2 Answer: sie wird

3 Question: they will
3 Answer: sie werden

4 Question: Where will you drive?
4 Answer: Wo wirst du fahren?

5 Question: I read
5 Answer: ich lese

6 Question: we read
6 Answer: wir lesen

7 Question: I was
7 Answer: ich war

8 Question: we were
8 Answer: wir waren

9 Question: you go informal
9 Answer: du gehst

10 Question: she goes
10 Answer: sie geht

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Directory / file

deutsch / verbs_ge5.ntn (62 items)

1 Question: I should
1 Answer: ich soll

2 Question: she should
2 Answer: sie soll

3 Question: you should
3 Answer: ihr sollt

4 Question: I take
4 Answer: ich nehme

5 Question: she takes
5 Answer: sie nimmt

6 Question: you take
6 Answer: ihr nehmt

7 Question: you play informal
7 Answer: du spielst

8 Question: we play
8 Answer: wir spielen

9 Question: I like
9 Answer: ich mag

10 Question: we like
10 Answer: wir mögen

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