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Speaking Teacher (Speacher) AB3 - the list of tests.

Despite your native language everyone can learn from English English tests.

There are many more items in each file but here are listed the first 10 as the example.

Write the correct words.

Directory / file

en_en / en_dic_ab.ntn (99 items)

1 Question: prep, relating to, on the subject, near to
1 Answer: about

2 Question: adj, away, not present
2 Answer: absent

3 Question: prep, from one side to the other
3 Answer: across

4 Question: to join something
4 Answer: add
4 Answer: sum up

5 Question: fully grown, developed
5 Answer: adult

6 Question: an exciting event
6 Answer: adventure

7 Question: public notice
7 Answer: advertisement

8 Question: recommendation, counsel
8 Answer: advice

9 Question: feeling fear or anxiety
9 Answer: afraid

10 Question: the time from noon to evening
10 Answer: afternoon

en_en / en_dic_cd.ntn (98 items)

1 Question: a large mammal having humps on the back
1 Answer: camel

2 Question: the city, seat of government
2 Answer: capital

3 Question: a person that makes wooden structures
3 Answer: carpenter

4 Question: a thick floor covering
4 Answer: carpet

5 Question: transport or move something
5 Answer: carry

6 Question: a large building, fortified, having thick walls
6 Answer: castle

7 Question: a natural chamber in a mountain or hill
7 Answer: cave

8 Question: the upper surface of a room
8 Answer: ceiling

9 Question: a period of one hundred years
9 Answer: century

10 Question: having complete conviction about something
10 Answer: certain

en_en / en_dic_ef.ntn (95 items)

1 Question: every one considered individually
1 Answer: each

2 Question: the organ of hearing and balance
2 Answer: ear

3 Question: before the expected time
3 Answer: early

4 Question: a piece of jewellery worn on the ear
4 Answer: earring

5 Question: not difficult, simple
5 Answer: easy

6 Question: to take food into the mouth and swallow
6 Answer: eat

7 Question: a brink, verge or cutting side
7 Answer: edge

8 Question: the act of acquiring knowledge
8 Answer: education

9 Question: the oval body laid by birds
9 Answer: egg

10 Question: person who installs, repairs electrical equipment
10 Answer: electrician

en_en / en_dic_gk.ntn (97 items)

1 Question: a part of building for housing a motor vehicle
1 Answer: garage

2 Question: an area of land used for growing flowers, fruit
2 Answer: garden

3 Question: a hinged barrier for closing and opening in a wall
3 Answer: gate

4 Question: come into possession of something
4 Answer: get

5 Question: a female child
5 Answer: girl

6 Question: transfer something to someone
6 Answer: give

7 Question: a hard, brittle and transparent substance
7 Answer: glass

8 Question: a part of garment, covering for the hand
8 Answer: glove

9 Question: a yellow precious metal
9 Answer: gold

10 Question: an administration of the state
10 Answer: government

en_en / en_dic_ln.ntn (98 items)

1 Question: paper attached to an object to give information
1 Answer: label

2 Question: a portable framework for climbing up or down
2 Answer: ladder

3 Question: a large area of water surrounded by land
3 Answer: lake

4 Question: the solid part of the surface of the earth
4 Answer: land

5 Question: occurring after the expected time
5 Answer: late

6 Question: most recent, modern or new
6 Answer: latest

7 Question: the system of rules
7 Answer: law

8 Question: unwilling to work or exertion
8 Answer: lazy

9 Question: a person who rules, guides
9 Answer: leader

10 Question: to gain knowledge of something
10 Answer: learn

en_en / en_dic_nq.ntn (97 items)

1 Question: a place in which animals lay eggs
1 Answer: nest

2 Question: not previously used or owned
2 Answer: new
2 Answer: recent

3 Question: daily publication containing articles on the news
3 Answer: newspaper

4 Question: immediately following
4 Answer: next

5 Question: pleasent, kind or friendly
5 Answer: nice
5 Answer: good

6 Question: the period of darkness from sunset to sunrise
6 Answer: night

7 Question: an unpleasant loud sound
7 Answer: noise

8 Question: the direction towards the North Pole
8 Answer: north

9 Question: paying attention to something or information
9 Answer: notice

10 Question: at the present time or moment
10 Answer: now

en_en / en_dic_qs.ntn (98 items)

1 Question: a female sovereign, ruler
1 Answer: queen

2 Question: a sentence spoken so as to evoke information
2 Answer: question

3 Question: a line of people waiting for something
3 Answer: queue

4 Question: making little or no noise
4 Answer: quiet

5 Question: the use of electromagnetic waves for communication
5 Answer: radio

6 Question: a horizontal bar of wood, metal
6 Answer: rail

7 Question: look at and comprehend the meaning of written text
7 Answer: read

8 Question: a cause, explanation for an action
8 Answer: reason
8 Answer: purpose

9 Question: take delivery of something
9 Answer: receive

10 Question: image produced as by a mirror
10 Answer: reflection

en_en / en_dic_s.ntn (97 items)

1 Question: a building for the retail sale
1 Answer: shop
1 Answer: market

2 Question: measuring a small distance from begining to end
2 Answer: short

3 Question: to close or lock the door
3 Answer: shut

4 Question: either of the two surfaces of an object
4 Answer: side

5 Question: complete absence of sound
5 Answer: silence

6 Question: a precious shiny grey and white metal
6 Answer: silver

7 Question: easily understood or done
7 Answer: simple

8 Question: during the period of time after
8 Answer: since

9 Question: a person who sings
9 Answer: singer

10 Question: the dimensions or extent of something
10 Answer: size

en_en / en_dic_tz.ntn (80 items)

1 Question: a person who makes fitted clothes
1 Answer: tailor

2 Question: of more than average height
2 Answer: tall

3 Question: a large container for storage of liquids or gases
3 Answer: tank

4 Question: device that allows to control the flow of liquid
4 Answer: tap
4 Answer: valve

5 Question: the sensation of flavour perceived in the mouth
5 Answer: taste

6 Question: share knowledge about a subject
6 Answer: teach

7 Question: a person who teaches in a school
7 Answer: teacher

8 Question: pull to pieces with force
8 Answer: tear

9 Question: the degree of hotness of a body
9 Answer: temperature

10 Question: express gratitude to someone
10 Answer: thank

en_en / word_b2.ntn (95 items)

Fill in the missing prepositions.

1 Question: Very impressive or attractive
1 Answer: stunning

2 Question: The manner in which people behave
2 Answer: conduct

3 Question: Less important than other
3 Answer: lesser

4 Question: Guardianship of someone
4 Answer: custody

5 Question: In a natural or raw state
5 Answer: crude

6 Question: The consequences of an unpleasant event
6 Answer: aftermath

7 Question: Difficult to change in shape, rigid
7 Answer: stiff

8 Question: Prevent someone from finishing something
8 Answer: thwart

9 Question: Happening, occurring one a year
9 Answer: annual

10 Question: an old injury on the skin
10 Answer: bruise

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