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Download: Accessible for blind MP3 Converter. Windows 7 (outdated)

AcMp3Converter features:

- Convert mp3 <-> wav files.

- Mp3 Tag editor.

- File info wav, mp3.

- Mp3, wav player

Original user interface:

- Different voices for reading directories, files, options.

- Large print for people with low vision (vision 20/200).

- Change whole background color.

- Sound cursor heart mp3 tag editor.

- Language version english, polish.

Program Description:

Surround Memory Sounds of the nature is audio/video game. Stereophonic sound simulate 2d plane.

Use ARROWS to move crusor, ENTER to select and ESCAPE to go back or exit.

It's accessible game for blind people.

Download: Memory game. Windows XP (outdated)

Using Lame (v3.98.2) to encoding / decoding


Visit LAME site

Visit page with more programs for blind. Programs for blind

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