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Shadow and flame version 2.0 - the sound editor for the blinds updated in July 2016 - improved and simplified

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows XP

Choose version for your operating system and download the fully functional 30 days trial

Download. Shadow And fLame version 2 - Accessible for the blinds. Windows 7

Download. Shadow And fLame version 2 - Accessible for the blinds. Windows XP

Since the beginning the sound editor has been designed for the blinds.

For example otherwise than in most other sound editors the sound tracks on the screen are laid vertically.

Computer screens are wider than higher so on horizontal tracks more data is shown, but it doesn't really matter for the blinds.

In this case more important than drawing more date on the screen is the user interface based only on a keyboard - and everything becomes simpler.

By pressing one of the following the cursor up, PgUp, control plus PgUp or Home key we are moving forwards the music

and similarly by pressing the cursor down, PgDown, control plus PgDown or End we are going backwards the music

The editing of sounds needs perceiving and understanding a lot of data, so that in a sound editor for the blinds everything must be spoken,

however from the other side speaking everything would be annoying, boring and completely unnecessary

Imagine speaking, for example after pressing the END key: "Track one empty track start track". That would be a lot of spoken words many more than needed.

For that reason the sound editor speaks using stereo sounds (and this is another advantage of using vertical graphs), it tells only: "Track one" - speaking it as in the example for the first track from a left channel and changes the pitch of the voice because the track is empty.

Sound editor also gives as much information as possible and indicates a change without even speaking everything

When the Home or End key is pressed for the first time the sound editor speaks: "moving to end" or "moving to start" after getting to that position when the Home or End key is pressed again it says "end track" or "start track".

Another thing that caused difficulties was working at the same time on the sound tracks in different sample rates, number of bits and channels

after coping and pasting a part of the track written in one format to another track in different format we would have heard a terrible noise,

so the sound editor has been simplified it always works in 16 bits stereo which is the highest sound quality, only the different sample rates are possible.

Recorded voice that is ready to speak is the fastest way to speak, the information and commands spoked by the sound editor are often repeated, so it was possible to record them and made them suitable for using in this program.

Secondly in most cases there is no need to wait until the sound editor stops speaking, the keys can be pressed one after another without even waiting until the speech is done.

System Requirement:

- Platform: Windows XP, Windows 7/P>

- Memory: 256MB

- CPU : 1GHz

- Sound card

Using Lame (v3.98.2) to encoding


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