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Download: Accessible for the blinds MP3 Converter V2.0 Windows 7

AcMp3Converter features:

- Convert mp3 <-> wav files.

- Mp3 Tag editor.

- File info wav, mp3.

- Mp3, wav player

Original user interface:

- Different voices for reading directories, files, options.

- Large print for people with low vision (vision 20/200).

- Change whole background color.

- Sound cursor heart mp3 tag editor.

- Language version english, polish.

Program Description:

Surround Memory Sounds of the nature is audio/video game. Stereophonic sound simulate 2d plane.

Use ARROWS to move crusor, ENTER to select and ESCAPE to go back or exit.

It's accessible game for blind people.

Download Trial version

Using Lame (v3.98.2) to encoding / decoding


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